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*headdesk*  I filed a complaint about a blog that seeks out fanart just to bash it.  They had a go at one of my works in progress.  The resulting action Tumblr took was to remove the image, not only from the infringing blog…but from mine too. *sigh*  I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my repeated statements that I wanted to see this harassing blog shut down…..

werebrothers asked:

oh my god how do you art. Seriously, that's amazing!

Thank you!  Twenty years of practice and a couple thousand portraits under my belt. >.>  Honestly, it’s really about doing something every day and pushing yourself to try things that are a little harder, a little trickier, try new mediums, try different things and don’t be afraid of failing.  For every one piece I post, there are probably at least 10 pieces never to see the light of day.  But every failed piece is a lesson learned. :D

Okay, I don’t think you were looking for the art teacher to come out lol

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